5 Inspirational Movies You Should Watch

After watching this movie I was amazed by the talent of Jim Carrey and shocked how he was in the comedy business; but the reason that makes this movie so amazing is not that, it is the fact that it questions the basic concept we all question inside of us, asks the questions sometimes we are afraid to ask; but does this in such a simplicity, it is what makes the movie great. And insanely inspirational.

2. Shawshank Redemption

This movie, such an emotional ride, if there is a perfect tone in a movie this one captures it; you feel it inside your veins. Frank Darabaunt has that amazing talent of creating that dark, mysterious but humane tone and that is an amazing combination.

3. Nausicaa And The Valley of The Wind

Miyazaki. I say no more. If you still haven’t met one of the best director, storyteller of our time, I welcome you to. His movies literally touch those human emotions because they are all focused on what makes us human, what makes this world running. And in this one, especially in this era where people lost respect to nature, universe, all living and nonliving things; one should watch this movie very carefully to see what we are doing wrong again and again, what is causing all the killings and wars in the world we are living in. Our beautiful, tortured, tired world still not giving up, it is being protected no matter what and we, human beings should know our boundaries, should not cross the lines for greater good or anything, or else we will be our own undoing.

4. Steve Jobs

I go straight to it, I love Sorkin’s work, a lot. I love the theatral feeling of the conversation in a modern movie, it is not something we encounter a lot. About this movie, this is also important because it is for us, for the children of the age of technology. And the acting, it is spectacular; as someone who read Walter Isaacson’s book of Jobs, no-one could have done it better than Fassbender. He gives you the feelings Jobs gives to someone he talks to and that is amazing, and the movie is highly emotional and the story telling is incredible and new. And to make us feel inside the timeline, they used cameras from each era, amazing.

5. Spirited Away

I’ve tried so hard to find something else than a Miyazaki movie for the fifth spot but I couldn’t and I don’t think there is no one else who understands human essence as well as Miyazaki. So Spirited Away is my last recommendation for you. It is Alice in Wonderland with a more eastern theme and of course a lot more than that. So is this real, the life we are in is real, or just a dream, blink of an eye, waiting to wake up to a real life? The dreamland, the spirit world, wonderland or a Midnight Summer’s Dream. But what makes this one special is the human essence, the emotions, the realness of every feeling, love and compassion for everything; unconditionally, seeing that there is no clear cuts as good and evil, trying to understand the meaning behind the scene, meaning behind the life we are somehow so eager to live fully without questioning. Also while you are at it, go on and watch all Miyazaki movies!

İstanbul, 2017




2d animation lover - ideas, flickers and stories

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2d animation lover - ideas, flickers and stories

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